Can You Paint Eucalyptus Wood?

Yes, you can paint eucalyptus wood just like all other types of hardwood. But bear in mind, having the right technique and necessary information beforehand is of paramount significance. Without it, you’re going to struggle really.

This is why, in this blog post, we shall discuss all the bits and pieces of painting Eucalyptus wood and whether or not it is a good idea to paint it in the first place. Let’s get started!

Is it a good idea to paint Eucalyptus Wood?

Yes, it is a good idea to paint eucalyptus wood, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Painting can enhance the appearance of wood, provide protection against elements, and allow for greater customization to match your desired aesthetic.

While it is paintable, it isn’t because there is still one thing that can get in the way of successful paint application. Here, I’m talking about it’s natural oil content.

Yes! These woods contain great deal of oil inside them which is why it can make the paint application to not stick effectively and feel like an uphill battle. However, I’m here to tell you the way around this, so don’t worry and keep your eyes glued as I uncover the tips and tricks.

The best way to painting Eucalyptus wood

This hardwood usually comes loaded with natural oil which is why it’s nearly impossible for paint to stick to it’s surface. But to accomplish this, you will need to prep the surface first. This is how you can do it:

  • Clean it up: Take a microfiber cloth. Slightly dip it into a mix of water and detergent solution and run it over the wood surface to make sure any dirt, debris gets wiped away. Note that the key here is to use a damp cloth so don’t get it too watery. Because if you do so, the wood runs the chance of getting swell or wrap. This can negatively impact the paint adhesion and overall finish.
  • Sanding: If you’ve finished the first step, let’s move on to our next one which is sanding the wood with a medium grit sanding paper. This will create a brand new surface ready for paint to be applied and stick to. And don’t forget to rub cloth on the surface again, because that will ensure there is no sanding remains left form the sanding job. Also, to avoid damaging the surface, sand it in the direction of wood grain.
  • Degrease: This part is the most crucial one. In this step, you will need a product called degreaser to remove any oil or grease. Because this particular type of wood is already very oily, so a degreaser will work wonders and do away with the oil content.

The above steps have already made you a pro painter, you can now confidently paint Eucalyptus wood without the worry of hitting rock bottom. Just make sure to follow each step and work your way to victory!

What is Eucalyptus wood and where is it mostly used?

This type of hardwood has varied uses and lots of excellent features and some of these are:

1. High end furniture making:

If buying furniture that is high quality, durable, sounds any good to you, then getting Eucalyptus furniture may be the best decision you’ll ever make. It’s like finding a hidden gem. Besides the alluring features, you’re definitely gonna love it because it comes at a lower price than Oak and Mahogany. But don’t just start doubting its quality and all the goodness based on it’s cheaper price. There are several factors that influences the price. One of them has to do with demand and supply. So If you’ve studied economics, you know why this happens. It is because the speed at which Eucalyptus trees grow is comparably faster than others and because there is greater supply, the demand goes lower so the lower price tag.

To provide a percentage, let’s consider an example: If we assume that a particular eucalyptus tree grows at an average rate of 6 feet per year, and a typical slow growing tree grows at an average rate of 1 foot per year, then the eucalyptus tree grows 500% faster than the slow growing tree (6 feet compared to 1 foot).

2. Outdoor application:

It’s known to provide excellent protection against rot, pest attacks. Which is why it’s commonly used in outdoor decking, patio etc. It’s durability can stand even the harshest of conditions for 15-20 years.

But only if you are proactive and keep utilizing precautionary measures. These include:

  • Applying sealant from time to time
  • making sure it’s always debris free,
  • it’s not heavily damaged and in case any area get’s ruptured, it’s repaired almost immediately.

3. Inside the Kitchen:

If creating aesthetically pleasing kitchen cabinets and shelves seems like your kind of thing, you’ll not regret the decision. The wood ranges in color from pale yellows to reddish brown offering you flexibility to go for your preferred design and this is why it’s so admired and chosen for any wood work and especially in the kitchen.

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